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Big Trains TV


Overall Rating: C

Video Quality: C

Audio Quality: D

Number of Cams: 2

Cost: A+

Big Trains TV is a free Youtube-based railcam service, offering two cameras at one location, in Bergenfield, NJ.. These cams are also part of Steel Highway Railcams

Video Quality: The main Big Trains TV cam operates at 1080P, and the side view camera from the same location is 720p. Video constantly stutters on the main feed. The side feed is smoother, although it looks like the lens cover affects the clarity of the view.

Audio Quality: The sound is ok when it works, but the constant camera choppiness also produces muted and choppy sounds. 99 percent of the time sound is muted and choppy.


Camera Locations: One location, on the CSX River Line in Bergenfield, NJ, with two cameras at this location.


Cost: Free on Youtube. They do accept donations


Social Media: Big Trains TV has a business page on Facebook