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Overall Rating: C+

Video Quality: B

Audio Quality: D

Number of Cams: 9

Cost: A+

Northern Transcon Railcams is a free Youtube-based railcam service, offering cameras that cover the eastern end of the Northern Transcon.

Video Quality: All Northern Transcon cameras operate at 1080P. Video is smooth without any issues. A number of cams are set back away from the tracks, more than 100 feet away. One nice feature is that on some cams the chat Nightbot automatically posts a chat when a train passes, making it easy to rewind to see the train.

Audio Quality: The sound is acceptable, but not very deep, with a dynamic range of only 2. It appears many of the audio settings are adjusted to eliminate ambient noise such as automobile traffic. If you watch multiple cams from various sources, you will have trouble balancing the sounds from all the cams, but they can be enjoyed individually with no problem.


Camera Locations: Nine cameras in Minnesota.


Cost: Free on Youtube. To support the cams, you can choose to join the channel, for as little as $1.99 per month


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