Railfan HQ

About RailfanHQ

     Railfan HQ is what I call my desk, where I view railcams.

RailfanHQ On the left I have a 4k 27-inch monitor, with a 4K Apple Firestick, and on the right is a 43-inch curved monitor. On the top row there is one 1080P 24-inch Fire tv, one 24-inch 1080P monitor, and a 24-inch 1080p Fire TV. I usually have anywhere from 11-20 cams active.

     My computer setup was purchased specifically for trains. It is an HP, with a Ryzen 7 processor, 16GB ram, and an NVidia 1650 video card with 16GB ram. Coupled with my Spectrum internet, which averages 350 Mbps, I have run as many as 55 railcam streams simultaneously, with all running smoothly. I have not pushed above 55 to test my system. With 55 sound feeds and 55 cameras, I find that too many to track at one time to be enjoyable, so I usually limit myself to 11-20 cameras at one time.

   Fortunately, I recently retired, so I can just sit here the rest of my life and watch trains and smoke my pipes and cigars. Personally, I grew up in a house in Memphis, TN, that was 100 feet from the Southern Railway. When I was a toddler, I would hear a train coming, and I would sprint to the tracks. My mom would send my older brother chasing after me to keep me safe. I've been chasing trains ever since, although I now live in Ohio.