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Single Cam Providers

     The following providers offer single webcams showing trains. You will also find links to heritage railway cams. Click the images at right to view. Since livestreams occasionally fail and have to be restarted (giving them a new Youtube web address), the links provided go to the providers page on Youtube. I have excluded webcams that are not live (i.e. they update images every 10 seconds, etc). I have also excluded so-called live cab-ride videos. These are recorded, edited, and then broadcast as live (such as RailCowGirl). I do recommend checking out the channel, though, as they are well-done videos.

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LiveStream Railcam Netherlands - a single railcam in the Netherlands, at 1080P resolution. Camera is smooth, audio is good, and it provides an embedded radio feed. Works with Viewsync. Their Youtube feed appears to start and stop every day, so the link will take you to their main page. Livestream railcam netherlands
RailCam Twello - Dutch railcam that started streaming in June 2023, in 1080P resolution. Railcam Twello
Railcam Lyon - a single railcam of a bridge in Lyon-Perrache, France. Video is presented at 1080P, and is smooth. Audio is very good. A radio feed is embedded. Also shows boat traffic. Works with Viewsync. Lyon railcam
PU Tower - a live NS feed on the Lehigh Line in Phillipsburg, NJ. Feed is 1080P and is PTZ. Audio is adequate. PU Tower
Lake Shore Railway Museum - operates two cameras at 1440P resolution. Cameras stream smoothly with good audio (East cam has better audio). Shows CSX and NS lines. Works with Viewsync. Lake Shore
Hotel Roanoke Railcam - Located at the Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, overlooking the NS and the Roanoke Amtrak station. Video is 4K, is smooth, and audio is good. Also has an east camera, which is 1440P resolution. Works with Viewsync. Hotel Roanoke
Railcam Finland - A 1080P resolution camera located in Tampere, Finland. An active track diagram is included in the livefeed. No audio. Railcam Finland 
World Transport Webcams - A 1080P camera at Finse Railway Station in Norway. Finse Railway Station
Cincinnati RR Club - presents two cameras from the same location. Main cam is 1080P, with ambient noise. Camera 2 is 720P, with a radio feed. Started May 3, 2023 Cincinnati 
Bailey Yard - presented by GoldenSpikeTower.com. East and West views of Bailey yard in North Platte, NE. Cameras appear to be 1080P, no audio. Bailey Yard 
Truckee, CA - Live HD feed showing the UP line, including Amtrak's California Zephyr Truckee
Cape Cod NRHS - provides two cameras at West Barnstable Station in 1080P resolution. Audio is present but poor. Has some neat rolling stock.  Cape Cod 
Severn Valley Railway - a heritage railway in England. Cams can be viewed on Youtube, or via Railfan UK with a subscription. 5 cams total Severn Valley Railway
Warszawa- From the Warszawa Zachodnia Railway Station in Poland, in 720P resolution, no audio Urzad
Zurich - Live cam from Surich, Switzerland, presented in 1440P, no audio zurich
Union Depot - Two cams, one at 1440P resolution, the other at 480P. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. For some reason both cams don't come up on their Youtube page, so you may have to search Youtube for Union Depot Railfan Cam. Union Depot
Cumbres & Toltec Railroad - provides a three-camera view (on the same page) of this tourist railroad. Cameras appear to be 480P resolution  Cumbres Toltec 
Reading Blue Mountain & Northern RR - Two live cams of a heritage railroad. Possible steam as they have one on their roster Reading Blue Mountain
Dunsmuir Depot - A camera on UP at Dunsmuir, CA, broadcasting in 720P, no audio  Dunsmuir 
Dunn Train Camera -  live 720P camera in Dunn, NC, showing the NS line Dunn 
CN Railfan Livestream, Charlotte, MI. Single camera at a resolution of 720P. Video is choppy, audio is adequate. If link is dead, search Youtube for CN Railfan Livestream. Charlotte MI
Reading, MA Train Station - a live 4K feed showing commuter trains from Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Feed is choppy reading
Marine Industries Association - New River Live Feed - Live video of the drawbridge that has a CSX line. Feed is 720P, no audio New River 
Bangor, MI - Live feed from downtown Bangor. Amtrak Michigan Services appears on this cam. Resolution is 1080P, audio is adequate.   Bangor MI 
Duoliang Train Station - located in Taitung, Taiwan, presented in 4K Taitung
Taiwan Alishan (Ali Mountain) Fenqiju - presented in 4k, shows the Alishan Forest Railway, a 2 ft. 6-inch gauge tourist railroad. Originally built to haul timber down from the mountains. Alishan
Tokyo Shinjuku - Busy commuter train camera located in Tokyo, presented in 4K. Video is smooth and audio is good, but it does pick up the wind. Youtube link for the channel is here. Tokyo Shinjuku 
Tokyo Shinjuku - another view from the opposite side, in 1080P resolution Shinjuku
Tokyo Shinjuku Station - in 720P resolution Shinjuku Station
Tokyo Live - View of Shiodome Railway Tracks in 4K resolution. Tokyo Shiodome
Japan Nagoya Live - shows the Nagoya train station in 4K resolution. Occasional choppy video. Shinkansen bullet train is a frequent train at this location
Japan Shinkansen LIVE - a 1080p live feed, featuring the Japanese bullet train. Shinkansen
Japan Railway and Airport LIVE - provides 5 live railcams in 1080P resolution, including Shinkansen trains
Sapporo Station, Hokkaido, Japan - Live feed from Japan, in 720P resolution, no audio Sapporo Station
Sapporo Station, Hokkaido, Japan - Live trackside feed in 720P resolution Sopporo
Kyoto Station - in 1080P resolution Kyoto Station
Kyoto, Japan - a 'fish eye' cam in 720P resolution Kyoto
Sin-Osaka Railway Station Cam - a 1080P high angle camera with smooth video Sin-Osaka
Obihiro Station in Hokkaido, Japan - a 720P resolution high angle camera Obihiro
Hiroshima Station - a high angle 720P resolution camera. The angle does not show a good view of the tracks, but you can see the Shinkansen bullet trains on the closest tracks Hiroshima station
Kanazawa Station in Ishikawa, Japan - a 1080P camera (comes up in 720P so you have to manually change it) Kanazawa Ishikawa Japan
Wagan TV - a railcam in 1440P resolution, showing the Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line, and the Shonan-Shinjuku Line, in Tokyo Wagan TV
The Traveling Gandy Dancer Life Stream - from Galloway, OH, a 1080P stream that started Apr 20, 2023
Hellgate Ospreys Nest Cam - a bird cam that shows the Montana Rail Link line in the background (now BNSF). 1080P Osprey
Berkshire Trains Live Stream -  Norfolk Southern line in Lexington, KY, at a resolution of 720P. Video is smooth, but without audio Berkshire 
San Diego Rail Cam - Located at the Santa Fe Depot, this high angle cam is presented in 720P resolution, with no audio. San Diego 
Pikes Peak Cog Railway - a 720P resolution feed without audio Pikes Peak 
Mount Washington Cog Railway - Video is 1080P and is smooth. No audio. Probably muted due to the windy conditions at this location. Mount Washington 
Fort Street Railway Crossing, City of Trenton, MI. Single cam at low resolution (480P), with no audio. Video is choppy Fort Street
Illinois Railway Museum - Six cams on Youtube. Two cams show the Union Pacific line in the background Illinois Railway Museum
Greenville, TX - Two cameras, east and west, on Youtube Greenville Texas Railcam
Steamtown, Scranton, PA - One cam showing the turntable. Static display locomotives and rolling stock, unless they are moving the displays around Steamtown