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Southwest RailcamsSouthwest Railcams


Overall Rating: B

Video Quality: B

Audio Quality: B

Number of Cams: A

Cost: A+

SouthWest Railcams is a free railcam provider thru Youtube and their website, covering the American Southwest, primarily within Arizona.

Video Quality: SouthWest cameras operate mostly at 1080P. There are two exceptions. The newest camera in Needles, CA is operating at 1440P, and the Joseph City, AZ camera operates at 720P.

Audio Quality: The sound from the SouthWest cams is adequate, although in some cases you have to crank it way up to hear anything. This is due mainly to the distance of the cameras from the track. Live radio feeds are available on their website, and included on the Youtube feeds. The Dynamic Range test results are 7, slightly lower than the average Virtual Railfan cam, but much lower than Railstream cams. The tested camera was Kingman.


 Camera Locations/Cost: SouthWest Railcams has 15 railcams, at 9 locations, with 6 locations having two cameras. The feeds are free, and they accept donations via their website.


Social Media: There is a fan page on Facebook, where people post catches from the cameras