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Viewsync is a multiple Youtube viewer that can be used by anyone. You can display any number of Youtube feeds at the same time. The most I have tested on my computer is 25 cameras. The picture below is a screen capture of an 18 cam feed on my widescreen monitor. Click the image for a full size example of what it can do. Scroll down for some pre-set Viewcam feeds


Viewsync is a must for the serious internet railfan. It's simple to set up.  I have made a short instructional video forViewsync first time users, you may view it by clicking the picture at right.







Once you get the hang of it, I suggest you create a spreadsheet or document with all of the camera addresses you are interested in. At right is a picture of my spreadsheet, with camera name, web address, Description of the Viewsync feed, and the Viewsync addresses, ready to go and paste into a browser.

Once you get your stream playing, you may need to adjust the volumes for the individual feeds. In addition, sometimes the feeds come up in low definition. Check the Settings Icon for the resolution, and change it to high definition if necessary.


Preset Viewcams

4-cam Best Japan feed 52 trains per 10 minutes

9 Cam US Feed (5 VR feeds, one each SouthWest, LIVE Trains, Tehachapi, and Cincinnati)