Railfan HQ


 SlowTV is a Czech Republic Youtube streamer, with 12 live streams, 7 of them providing views of trains (and boats and planes).

Video Quality: SlowTV cams operate at 1080P For the most part they are smooth, but I did notice some occasional choppy video on some of the cameras.

Audio Quality: The sound from the Railstream cams is adequate. If you turn it up loud, you can hear the announcements at the train stations. Wearing headphones, I did get the impression it is stereo sound. When the video is choppy, so is the sound.


 Camera Locations: Slow TV has 7 cameras with train views, mostly at stations, and all presented as high-angle shots.


Cost: The live cameras are free on Youtube. They also have a pay service that supports the channel and gives you access to some recorded clips, for $1.99/mo. 


Multicam Viewing:  Multiple cams can be viewed thru Viewsync.



Social Media: SlowTV has a Facebook page.