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Railfan HQ

Welcome to Railfan HQ. This simple website is here to help internet railfans find live cams, provide reviews for train cam providers, and offer suggestions. Click on the pictures below for information about each train cam provider. Check out the link at right for Viewsync, an indispensable tool every railfan should be using. The page includes a short how-to video on setting up a multicam view.

     Why Railfan HQ?  It's what I call my desk, where I watch trains. I usually have anywhere from 10 to 20 live cams running simultaneously. See About Railfan HQ below.

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June 26, 2023 - Steel Highway added a cam in Three Rivers, MI


June 24 2023 - Railstream added Boyce, VA as a free cam


June 23, 2023 - A new Dutch railcam, Railcam Twello, started broadcasting on Youtube


Jun 14 2023 - Northern Transcon added camera in Little Falls, MN


Jun 7 2023 - Steel Highway added a cam at Peck Park in Galesburg, IL, which shows the Transcon, 1/2 mile north of VR's cam

Jun 2 2023 - SouthWest Railcams added Stockton, CA


May 26 2023 - Steel Highway started a new cam in Clinton, Iowa


May 21 2023. Steel Highway added cam in Greeley, CO.


Added Kyoto Station channel, just started in May 2023, with 4 cameras

May 12 - There are now nine 4K live railcams, and seven more in 1440p resolution


May 12 2023. New Virtual Railfan adds new 1080P camera at Big 10 Curve. Camera at Revelstoke is now a PTZ (still 1080P)


May 10 2023 - Railstream posts live multicam feeds on Rumble


May 8 2023 - Added another view of Tokyo Shinjuku, and 8 other Japanese railcams


May 3 2023 - New cams in Cincinnati


Apr 28 2023 - Southwest Railcams adds new camera at Needles, CA